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Juan H.

Juan H.
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5 star rating


I had not been to a dentist in a few years, die to the fact, that every time I went to mine, they would always find some huge thing, that needed to be done. They never treated fillings or did basic cleanings. They wanted to go right to tooth extractions, crowns, deep cleaning, etc.

My wife and I decided to try Dr. Gokani, as she was was close to our places of business, and the information we were able to look up, seemed positive.

I have to say that this has been, bar far, the very best dental care I have ever received.
I am not a high maintenance person, nor is my wife, and we do not fear going to the dentist, but like to have decent dental care.
Dr. Gokani and her staff were wonderful. She personally called me and checked to make sure I had a pleasant experience and if I had any issues, to call her and she would gladly come in and help me.
I have seen her, at least three times, and they have all been great!

My wife is schedule for the 1st of April, so she can add her experience, when she is done with her appointment.
Highly recommend this Dentist!

Sid G
1 review  *****
16 hours ago
The clinic is conveniently located and extremely comfortable. The staff is quiet cordial , well trained and they tend to make one feel like you have arrived at the right place. Dr Mona is one of the most professional and knowledgeable dentists i have known. Be assured,one is in good hands here. Would highly recommend the clinic for all your dental needs.

Harish SabhnaniHarish S
1 review *****
4 days ago
Just 1 word ..Awesome. I've been taking my kids to Dr Mona for quiet a few years now and I must say only appointment that they are eager to go. She is thorough, gentle and very knowledgable. Couple of time when we were trying to rush into certain procedures, she was the one who advised us against it and explained how it may fix with time. Thank you Dr Mona, you are highly recommended and keep doing the great work !!

Jeanie L
1 review *****
5 days ago
Excellent dental services, friendly staff, clean & professional atmosphere.

Frank Yamello1 review  *****
4 days ago

Gabriel DouglasGabriel D  ******

Havana B
1 review *****
4 days ago
Excellent staff.....Excellent dental services.... Very friendly and lovely atmosphere...... Well done guys.....Keep it up!!!!!!

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