Why A Pediatric Dentist Is Crucial To Your Child's Health

Children need oral health attention just like adults do. In fact, it's crucial that you come in to see a pediatric dentist as part of a child's overall early childhood health service.

The problem some families have is that kids tend to be afraid of new circumstances. Trying to find a pediatric dentist in Pleasanton who is comfortable with children — and with whom children are comfortable — can sometimes be a daunting task.

Luckily, Mona Gokani, DDS, has plenty of practice communicating with and caring for even the shyest kids. Where many offices refer their pediatric cases to other dentists, we accept them warmly. Call (925) 462-1464 to schedule an appointment and see the difference our approach makes. Otherwise, read on to see how we can help.

Pediatric Dentists Often Help With "Teething" Pains

Our office serves Alameda County, CA, with pediatric dental services starting as early as the eruption of the first teeth. This process can be uncomfortable for infants and sometimes frustrating for parents. It is also a time when children should have appropriate professionals looking after the status of their oral health.

"Baby Teeth" Need Care, Even if They Fall Out

Although common wisdom might dictate that you do not need to care for teeth that will eventually grow out, this is not the case. Young children need to care for their teeth for a variety of reasons, and pediatric dentists are part of that care.

The first reason to care for baby teeth is to establish good oral health habits. These habits, once established, should carry through adolescence and adulthood, reducing the risk of dental problems over an entire lifetime.

Another reason to care for baby teeth is simply to keep them healthy. Tooth and gum problems are just as uncomfortable and deleterious to health in children as they are in adults. Good habits and regular dentist appointments contribute to keeping cavities, gum inflammation, bleeding, and bad breath away.

Children Need Guidance, and We're Professionals

For our pediatric clients from Pleasanton, the Amador Valley, and elsewhere in the East Bay Area, we like to think of ourselves as more than just dentists. We try to form meaningful professional relationships with children in order to better inform them and guide them toward a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

This might require a little more attention and enthusiasm than it does with adults, but the potential for establishing lifelong good habits is worth it to us. We take it as a point of professional pride when our young patients come back cavity-free year after year — and caregivers tend to appreciate the lower dental bills that result from that level of oral health.

Make an Appointment Today

It's never too early to reach out to us and schedule your first appointment with a pediatric dentist in Pleasanton. Especially when a very young child's first appointment, it's best to start earlier rather than later due to the importance of timing. Please call (925) 462-1464 today with any questions or to reserve a spot.

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