Common Causes Of Plaque And How To Help Prevent It

Dental plaque is probably not the most severe oral health issue you can encounter — but it has been shown to lead to some of those problems. Controlling and preventing plaque buildup is one of the primary goals of regular oral health and hygiene practices.

Here at your Pleasanton dentist office, we are happy to share some ways to prevent this insidious buildup from accumulating and contributing to tooth decay, gum disease, and other types of oral health issues. We encourage our patients in Alameda County and beyond to consider these suggestions and to talk to Dentists about preventative dentistry practices.

Improper Brushing

One of the key contributors to plaque buildup is improper brushing. People of all ages need to brush their teeth regularly on the schedule suggested by their dentist. This is usually two or three times a day, typically after meals.

The combination of mild abrasives, brushing lotion, and the ingredients in toothpaste work to remove the sticky film that leads to plaque deposits. In other words, brushing reduces plaque buildup by preventing hardened plaque formation in the first place — brushing is probably not enough to remove hardened plaque.

Brushing is a surprisingly personal thing, so ask your dentist if you have any discomfort. You can probably get some suggestions that make brushing easier and more comfortable. For example, many California dentists are now recommending softer brushes for better plaque control and a gentler feel.

Improper Flossing

Improper flossing can also lead to plaque buildup. With so many ways to floss these days, such as floss picks, traditional dental floss, and pressurized water, there's bound to be some way that you feel comfortable cleaning between your teeth.

Still, flossing is generally not everybody's favorite, and we tend to speed through it if we are not being mindful of the process. Remember that the goal is to clean between your teeth, especially the sides. Keep close to each side of each tooth, including the back of your back teeth.

If the written instructions don't make sense, try checking out some videos online. You can also pay special attention to the way your hygienist flosses your teeth during your next routine dental cleaning — that will provide a good example for you to follow.

Missing Dentist Appointments

Last but not least, missing your dental appointments can lead to plaque buildup. Routine cleanings use specialized professional brushing equipment to clean and polish your teeth. Many other tools we use also have specific purposes when it comes to plaque removal.

Your routine appointment removes hardened plaque that forms due to any lapses you might have had in brushing and due to natural buildup over time. Without these appointments, there are not many ways that you can remove plaque and prevent it from causing further buildup.

If you have any questions about oral health, or if you are in the Amador Valley area and you would like to make an appointment, please contact the offices of Mona Gokani, DDS, today. Give us a call at (925) 462-1464 to get started.

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